Accountants For Startups

Accountants For Startup Businesses

Planning to start your new business is quite a challenging task. Setting up a new business requires a lot of effort in choosing company structure, company setup, registration with HMRC, and so on. You would have to do a detailed evaluation to understand competitors when you first step into the industry. There is a lot of groundwork involved, especially for the small to medium-sized businesses to enter the market. With all that, you need to make sure that your finances well looked after. Maintaining your financial records is essential for you to see where you are heading, and that is where we come to the rescue.

Understanding financial performance is the most important task for a business. The most essential part of starting a new venture is to appoint professional accountants. We have expert accountants for startups who can help you with setting up as well as keeping all the financial data organized, updated and most importantly confidential.

XERO Accounting For Startups

Xero is a cloud accounting system that provides the finest bookkeeping solution to its customers all over the world. All your accounting and financial data is accessible to you in real-time. Naseems collaborate with Xero, giving you the best accounting service for all your new startups or existing businesses. Once you are logged into your account, you can access all the details of your company’s accounts and crucial financial data.

accountants FOR STARTUPS
accountants For Startups


We, at Naseems, serve you with state-of-the-art Xero accounting services for startups. What matters to us most is the quality that we offer our clients that helps them to focus more on their own expertise, i.e. their business, and allow us to focus on providing you with exceptional accounting services. As you step into your new business, we are here to guide you with your financial records and help you with details you might not know. Even if you have an established business our experts accountants for startups are available to help you go through the registration process.

Our collaboration with XERO makes it easier for you to monitor your company through the application on your smart devices. No need to get trapped into the accounting word jargon, let us do the expert talk. We promise to make it simpler and clearer for you to understand.


Enhance your understanding by monitoring and analysing progress with graphical representations. You can visually analyse your progress with an increase in sales and profits over the past which could be daily or monthly. This can motivate you to concentrate on your business as we focus on ours.

Managing your Start-up Accounts We have collaborated with XERO to assist start-up businesses in all areas of accounting. We manage your company’s books and records better than anyone in the industry. You only need to provide relevant documents and we are good to go.

Our collaboration with XERO makes it easier for you to monitor your company through the application on your smart devices. No need to get trapped into the accounting word jargon, let us do the expert talk. We promise to make it simpler and clearer for you to understand.

Support with Tax Affairs Our accountants for startups understand your business requirements and guide you accordingly in areas like VAT registration, PAYE registration and tax correction. We also assist with filing VAT returns and ensure you remain compliant. We take great care in intricate details so there are no VAT or Tax penalties in case of delayed or incorrect submission.

With the ever so rapidly changing policies of HMRC, you can rely on us to keep you updated on the allowances and any changes in the regulations.

Quick reconciliation with the bank It is kind of frustrating when your bank balance doesn’t match with your accounts in hand (like literally – on your phone). Let us do this for you. We make sure that all transactions are reconciled with your bank statement and balances out with what is shown to you. Xero also provides you with reconciliation reports of your bank statements.  Our experts accountants for startups will be there to communicate with you at all levels to make sure that you are satisfied and resolve even the slightest problem.

Monitor and Analyse’ your business It is always motivating to see yourself progress, especially when you have a new set up. It makes you focus on your work and keep that pace of growth in your field. With Xero set-up on your phone, you will be able to monitor your progress and be alert of as soon as they occur. This helps you be mindful of any issues and correct them in the shortest possible time by making effective and timely decisions.

Business Contacts Our XERO application will keep a record of all your contacts categorically. Your customers, your suppliers and also your employees. All this makes it easier for you to find the right contact in the right category.

Accessibility at all times With XERO you can access all your real-time transactions and understand the impact it has on your books. Quick reconciliation, dealing with purchase order and sale order invoices, payroll, taxes and much more can be accessed instantly. All you need is an internet connection.


Our team of expert accountants for startups are accessible most conveniently over the 0121 771 4617 during office hours. Set up an appointment if you need a detailed discussion or email us at we would love to hear from you and discuss your requirements. We take pride in serving you in the best possible manner and for that, we are available at all times.  

We make sure you are at ease to focus on the stability and growth of your business by increasing the quality of your products and services. If there is anything related to your accounts bothering you, our team will guide you get through it in the shortest possible time.  We are here to answer all your queries and provide you with pragmatic solutions.